Agnostic Intelligence: Actioning The Insights That Matter

Threat Intelligence Summit Session Spotlight

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Remediation-based, orchestrated, automated and customized threat intelligence is the goal. Most organizations have a few steps to go before reaching that goal. Cyber Security executives have realized that raw data is not intelligence. The discipline is not called Threat Raw Data, it’s called Threat Intelligence. The job of any intelligence professional is to simplify things, to narrow the scope. Angela Lewis, Manager, Global Intelligence and Threat Analysis, The Walt Disney Company shares lessons learned and a path forward for threat intelligence at the upcoming Threat Intelligence Americas Summit March 16-17.

Good intelligence, cyber or otherwise- is about making the best decisions possible. And making the best decisions possible is about getting the right information in front of the right people at the right moment with the right context. But an intelligence operative could potentially tick each of those boxes, yet still not distill actionable information in a digestible way for the intended audience.

Translating that intelligence into insights which can be understood by the stakeholder is just as important as identifying actionable information. And it could be argued that understanding the in-the-moment interests and concerns of the intended audience is of paramount concern.

Angela speaks directly in saying that the mission is “sense-making for a diverse set of decision-makers.” She dives into:

  • Supporting diverse interests (region, line of business, focus, etc.)
  • Realizing that everyone needs actionable information
  • Translating intelligence to various stakeholders in their own language and requirements
  • Liaising with key decision makers to ensure they’re getting the key information that they need
  • Understanding the intelligence cycle is a circle- combining what’s happening in the space with the impact on decision-making
  • Continuing to adjust actions post decision no matter happens 

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