Better Secure Access Decision Making

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It’s easy to put Secure Access into a ‘technology-only issue’ and simply look at the initiative through that lens alone. Decision making becomes straight forward- allowing for the evaluation of technologies on their proposed benefits and drawbacks to the enterprise and current tech stack. Once purchased, the solution is implemented so that the business can move on the inevitable ‘people problems’ that arise through enterprise-wide adoption.

But there is another option, which is even easier. Eliminate the people problems. Gain buy-in from key stakeholders throughout the process of evolving the secure access enterprise journey. Provide insight from business leaders to solution providers throughout the sales process to ensure that adoption issues are solved for any technology evolution decision before the decision is made. 

That advanced enterprise approach by the security operation can be expedited by a Business Information Security Officer. And through expediting an advanced enterprise approach, that BISO can turn security into a bottom-line contributing operation. Fannie Mae’s BISO, Pat Benoit explains how it’s done in his Fireside Chat at the CSHub SASE Summit February 16th.

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