Bringing the CISO and the Board Closer Together

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Bringing the CISO and the Board closer together is unequivocally at the top of every CISO’s remit. Reflections on the trials and tribulations in doing so are reflected in the Cyber Security Hub Mid-Year Report as well as the latest episode of TF7.

Episode Overview:

Former Senior Cyber Security Advisor to the SEC Chair Chris Hetner joins co-host Andy Bonillo on Episode #188 of Task Force 7 radio to discuss the ever widening gap between the boardroom and the CISO. Chris shares his journey on how he lifted himself from the streets of the Bronx to advising the corporate boardroom. We discussed the heightened expectations from the board, risk management and regulatory community, as well as what CISO’s should be doing to prepare for the future. We ended the show with Chris reminding everyone to continue to focus on the basic cyber hygiene while we are building this next generation of cyber security communications and reporting. He also gave his advice to new practitioners entering the cyber risk industry.

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