Cloud-First Digital Visibility For Modern Threat Intelligence

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Cloud best practice is an elusive construct. As best practice is built real-time, global corporate enterprise is building the plane while that plane achieves liftoff. When existing in two different environments, process is not optimized. When process is not optimized, scalability is difficult, to say the least. If scalability isn’t realized, the enterprise cannot achieve resilience.

And so global corporate enterprise cyber security executives must achieve a cloud-first mindset to optimize the entire threat landscape no matter the location to gain true digital visibility. Once visibility comes into focus, modern threat intelligence can be achieved. 

Waqas Akkawi, CISO, Sirva Worldwide joins the Threat Intelligence Summit to discuss:

  • Realizing cloud can be more resilient to interruption and scalability
  • Engaging risk assessment for cloud architecture to meet emerging best practices
  • Vetting API connectivity for security  and ensuring scalable dynamic key management
  • Gaining digital visibility through modernized threat intelligence in the cloud

Join Waqas and the Threat Intelligence Summit Americas Speakers:

  • Gopal Padinjaruveetil, CISO, The Auto Club Group (AAA)
  • Angela Lewis, Manager, Global Intelligence & Threat Analysis, The Walt Disney Co. 
  • Troy Wilkinson, Head of Cyber Security Data Analytics and Research, Interpublic Group

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