Empowering Women In Cyber Security


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The Cyber Security Hub is the official media partner of the Cyber Security Woman of the Year Awards.

See who wins in the following categories:

  • Cybersecurity Woman “Barrier Breaker” (nominee should be a woman with a legacy and record of developing research and/or products that have changed the industry) 
  • Cybersecurity Woman Influencer of the Year (a thought leader who has authored research, investigations, or legislation making in the cybersecurity industry) 
  • Cybersecurity Women Supporter of the Year (can be anyone with significant contributions to support women in cybersecurity)
  • Woman Cybersecurity Leader of the Year (demonstrates significant success in major cybersecurity initiatives)
  • Cybersecurity Woman Hacker of the Year (known for the outstanding performance in this role)
  • Cybersecurity or Privacy Woman Law Professional (demonstrates accomplishments related to cybersecurity and privacy law)
  • Cybersecurity Woman Volunteer of the Year (demonstrates outstanding diligence in their volunteer work dedicated to great causes in the cybersecurity field)
  • People’s Choice Award 2021 (this is a popularity vote for a woman cybersecurity professional)

And in that spirit, TF7 discusses empowering women this week.

Episode Overview:

Vice President of Government & Public Affairs at Cox Communications, Nneka Chiazor joins co-host Andy Bonillo on Episode #174 of Task Force 7 Radio to share her passion of empowering women who are experiencing “hope outages”. Nneka also discusses the impact on constant communications during the pandemic and the negative impact on psychological well being and how we’ve added psychological safety to corporate business continuity plans. We finished up the show discussing diversity and inclusion in cybersecurity and scratched the surface on neurodiversity.

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