Forward Thinking Threat Intelligence

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Gleaning lessons learned from a defensive posture is a great way to begin the lean into forward-posture cyber security. From there combining push and pull data into digestible information allows the team to not only understand what has happened, but also what is happening while anticipating what’s coming.

Along the way, the key is to blend real-time actionable insights with tacit historical knowledge and inform that data set with bespoke custom intelligence. Finally, automating only good solid process allows the organization to lean forward with confidence. 

Luke Steller, Cyber Security Operations & Threat Intelligence Head, ANZ joins Threat Intelligence APAC to discuss:

  • Lessons learned from an Incident Response background
  • Getting the right people and instilling a tech company mindset
  • Gaining benefit from the combination of SOC + TI approaches
  • Finding the intersection of incident response and actionable information
  • Using the honey pot to locate the bears
  • Understanding things aren’t always as they SIEM
  • Automating what you can without losing track of process

Join Luke and the rest of the Threat Intelligence APAC Speakers:

  • David Soldani, CTO, CSO, Huawei
  • Jeff Campbell, CISO, Horizon Power 
  • Mathieu Lahierre, Principal Application & Data Security – Cybersecurity, Technology Risk & Compliance, BHP

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