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While the need for information security had its onset when humans began to communicate with language, modern cyber security data breaches are a relatively recent phenomenon. Lessons have been learned by the good, tactics have evolved for their adversaries and zeitgeist best practice advances accordingly. 

In the middle of each calendar year, the Cyber Security Hub takes stock of what has happened in the ensuing 12 months to outline actionable best practice for the ensuing 12 months at the CSHub Global Summit. In the meantime, TF7 unpacks the history of data breaches and how best to predict and prepare for what’s next.

Episode Overview:

Retired Cyber Investigator Dave Ostertag joins co-host Andy Bonillo on Episode #173 of Task Force 7 Radio to provide his perspective on the beginning of the data breach investigations era. Dave describes when the first payment data compromise happened and how that set the stage for future investigations, fraud analytics, standards, and investigatory tactics. Mr. Ostertag also highlights how things don’t change and we can predict future attacks based on the past, especially in the national security arena. The pair wrap up the show with a call to action to those fighting the good cyber fight to share what they know with each other. 

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