Insider Threat Evolution, Ransomware Realization, Distributed Future & A Cyber S…

TF7 Ep.171

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By definition, the global pandemic has affected everyone on earth. All industries have been disrupted. All job functions have been changed. But one industry in particular and one job function specifically have seen the front lines of the pandemic in a different way than everyone else.

Healthcare & Life Sciences is ground zero of the pandemic. And the office of the CISO is ground zero of pandemic-related activity in global corporate enteprise.

We focus on what the industry and the executives have learned to date, what must happen now as well as the best ways to move forward at the Healtcare & Life Sciences Summit

Among topics discussed are the the fact that the dangers of ransomware have been realized, the concept of insider threat has evolved; The impact of Covid on the Cyber Security industry has made leaders adjust to remote work environments; And the new US Administration has pledged to increase cyber spend by 30%…all issues which TF7 discuss in this episode.

Episode Overview:

Co-hosts George Rettas and Andy Bonillo unpack the impact of Covid on the Cyber Security industry and how leaders have had to adjust to remote work environments. The pair also discusses the dangers of ransomeware and how recent attacks have shown a complete disregard for human life. They also break down how the insider threat has evolved during the pandemic and how the remote workforce has presented new challenges to CISO’s throughout the industry. They wrap up the show with a discussion on how the new U.S. Administration plans to increase cyber security spending by 30% and if private organizations will continue to follow suit.

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