Mitigating Supply Chain Risk 

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CISOs one and all have always been on top of supply chain risk. Whether it be through managing the perimeter or 3rd party vendor management- mitigating risk from those close to- but not part of- the organization has been a focus. Solarigate has of course created a paradigm shift on supply chain risk management. 

The cyber security organization and the wider global corporate enterprise is now in the process of completely revamping cyber risk. Incidentally, do consider joining us for the Ultimate Vendor Risk Assessment Checklist. Our old friend Dr. Rebecca Wynn discusses this construct with our other old friends at TF7 Radio.

Episode Overview:

Renowned Global CISO and Privacy Officer Dr. Rebecca Wynn joins co-host Andy Bonillo on Episode #168 of Task Force Radio to provide insights on global trust, the importance of wellbeing, and a recap of privacy month. Dr. Wynn also discusses her perspective on communicating to boards, the importance of efficiency and ROI metrics, as well as the importance of focusing on making sure a hacker does not “ride the rails” of a third party into your network. 

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