Nation State Cyber Security Behavior

TF7 Ep. 111

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There is currently an ongoing debate around the nature of the SolarWinds attack. Is it espionage or an act of war. It seems the current concensus from corporate cyber security executives is that it is espionage. We surely shall see, but the hack presents an opportunity for public and private cyber security executives to understand each other’s operations a bit more acutely and collaborate. It also presents the opportunity for corporate cyber security executives to gain more holistic threat intelligence through a better understanding of nation state cyber security behavior.

In 2021 Top Threat Intelligence Actions we noted that “conceiving of the intentions of a malicious actor in the form of a nation state” is more necessary than ever. Former Commander of US Cyber Command Admiral Michael Rogers dives in on TF7 Radio.

Episode Overview:

Is China an enemy or a competitor to the United States? Former Director of the NSA and the former Commander of U.S. Cyber Command, Admiral Michael Rogers weighs in on this topic and much more on Episode #111 of TF7 Radio! Admiral Michael Rogers reviews China’s 100 year strategy, what it means to the United States, and what the U.S. should do in the coming years to mitigate any threat to our national security. In light of even more recent cyber attacks against U.S. Government military officials by groups allegedly sponsored by the Chinese Government, Admiral Rogers lays out what he thinks the United States strategy should be to ensure a fair playing field across the global stage. Admiral Rogers also talks about what it was like to lead U.S. Cyber Command, what the U.S. needs to do about election security, and he explains how leaving the government and working in the private sector over the last 18 months has affected his views on Cyber Security in the United States.

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