Outpacing Compliance, Realizing Risk Management & Achieving Forward Posture&nbsp…

Healthcare & Life Sciences Summit session spotlight

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One of the benefits of being in a highly regulated environment is that there is familiarity with how and when legislation tends to change and when and where subsequent regulatory changes occur. It is precisely in this environment that the outpacing of compliance can happen. When outpacing compliance, getting ahead on risk management becomes more straightforward. That’s how to gain a forward facing cyber security posture.

Denver Health CISO, Randall “Fritz” Frietzsche, Enterprise Chief Information Security Officer takes us through the thesis: If compliance is a check box- and even if all the boxes are checked- doesn’t equate to security. Realizing risk management is very difficult for many organizations to actually achieve- whether it be due to a lack of clarity on the definition or where to focus resources. Forward posture is thinking more strategically with more vision. If the team and tools are spread too thin, even though a forward posture might be assumed- it doesn’t mean that results will follow.

With decades of experience, Fritz dives in on a few key points for his Healthcare & Life Sciences Summit session:

  • Honestly assessing the current state of your cyber security organization, talent, tools and technology
  • Thinking beyond privacy and management of PII to ensure readiness for a next layer of regulations 
  • Conceiving of the next phase associated with current risks to your enterprise to ensure continued management, mitigation and remediation of inevitable incidents
  • Engaging in threat modelling based on custom threat intelligence 

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