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The cyber security distinction between public and private institutions evaporated with Solarigate. If the threat is in the code, the nature of the organization does not matter. Maintaining a good relationship between public and private institutions is necessary. Private organizations have insights to which public organizations aren’t privy. And of course, public institutions have classified information to which private organizatinos are not privy. Among the many, many lessons learned from the ongoing incident was the fact that third party risk management (TPRM) optimization is an imperative. But the basic sharing of threat intelligence is simply best practice.

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Former Executive Vice President of Verizon Communications and Co-Chair of the NYU Center for Cyber Security Mr. Randy Milch joins co-host Andy Bonillo to discuss how NYU is breaking down legal and technical silos to develop a more informed cybersecurity, risk and legal workforce. Randy also gives an overview of his recent LawFare Blog Post titled “What’s Good for Litigation Isn’t Necessarily Good for Cybersecurity” and how there is a need for a post breach cybersecurity privilege and the traction it is getting. We finished up the show with Randy sharing his career advice and why it’s important to take risks in your career. 

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