Realizing Cyber Security Resilience

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Enterprise IoT is here. Cyber security executives know that the identity of each connected device makes the organization just as vulnerable as the identity of each connected human.

The cloud can be seen as a means to make the enterprise less vulnerable than it was in a castle-moat reality. Is it possible then that the 5G cloud could thus be used as a means to make the collective more secure? The answer might not be in the tool, but how you use it.

David Soldani, Chief Security Officer and Chief Technology Officer, Huawei joins Threat Intelligence APAC to discuss:

  • Discussing major industry concerns and requirements 
  • Understanding how concerns are being addressed by standards
    • Introducing GSMA network assurance
  • Implementing a defense in depth strategy augmented by a zero trust model
  • Bolstering supply chain and third-party security 
  • Divining an end-to-end risk management and security framework 
  • Shifting towards collectively resilient cyber security

Join David and the rest of the Threat Intelligence APAC Speakers:

  • Jeff Campbell, CISO, Horizon Power 
  • Luke Steller, Cyber Security Operations & Threat Intelligence Head, ANZ
  • Mathieu Lahierre, Principal Application & Data Security – Cybersecurity, Technology Risk & Compliance, BHP

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