Secure Cloud-First Enablement

TF7 Ep.169

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The increased vulnerabilities that the cloud enables must be balanced with the business enablement benefits of cloud-based tools for the enterprise. Realizing a perimeter of one is more secure than one gate at the front of a castle with a moat.

The modern enterprise must move at the pace of change and that means evolution to a cloud first mindset. As we discuss at SASE Americas and SASE APAC, gaining a zero trust network architecture with additional tools that allow security on the edge of the exponential perimeter is moving towards the classification of table stakes. Rich Wickersham provides his perspective on TF7.

Episode Overview:

Chief Security Architect Rich Wickersham rejoins co-host Andy Bonillo on Episode #169 of Task Force Radio to provide insights on making the move to the cloud securely, the importance of threat modeling, and the importance of architecture patterns to understand what is normal. Rich also discusses how misconfigurations are the greatest threats to the cloud, as well as providing his perspective on the Solarwinds breach and supply chain risk. 

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