The 10 best cyber security podcasts

The global cyber security market is expected to be worth US$345 billion in the next five years, according to information published by Statista. Keeping systems and data safe has rapidly become big business, and the race to stay on top of threats has never been more frantic. Knowing where the current dangers are and what is coming next is critical for business and personal success. Discover all you need to know without reading endless pages – sit back, relax and tune-in to the 10 best podcasts in the industry.

Brakeing Down Security. Location: USA. Site: Brakeingsecurity

Brakeing Down Cyber Security Podcast

With a strong focus on the privacy, compliance, and regulatory issues that arise in today’s workplace, Brakeing Down Security shines a light on these common but rarely discussed cybersecurity problems. Co-hosted by Bryan Brake, Brian Boettcher, and Amanda Berlin, the show presents concepts that aspiring Information Security Professionals need to know but that can also refresh the memories of seasoned veterans. Recent episodes have looked at ways to build a good team, eight simple rules for good cybersecurity, and the ethics of company privacy.

Darknet Diaries. Location: USA. Site : Darknetdiaries

Darknet Diaries podcast

If the sinister topics of hackers, breaches, shadow government activity, hacktivism and cybercrime interests you, then tune into the Darknet Diaries to learn more about the seamy side of the internet. Hosted by cybersecurity expert, Jack Rhysider, and with hour-long shows that present more like crime drama than traditional news, this podcast provides a chilling look at the ingenious ways criminals use your corporate and personal IT for their illicit gain. 

Hak 5. Location: USA. Site: Hak5

Hack 5 Cyber Security Podcast

Hak 5 is presented in video format and is the longest-running show on YouTube. Hosted by veteran IT journalists, Darren Kitchen and Shannon Morse, the podcast provides cutting edge security news, as well as trials of new penetration testing devices and tricks to help viewers stay ahead of the cyber-attacks we don’t yet know about. Expect subject matter as varied as online threats and internet freedom, hardware tests, tips for faster and better working, set-up and configuration hacks, and explainers to delight those who live to code.

Intel Techniques. Location: USA. Site : Inteltechniques

Intel Techniques cyber security podcast

Hosted by former FBI cyber-crimes special agent turned OSINT consultant Michael Bazzell, Intel Techniques promises to help you become digitally invisible, stay secure from cyber threats and make you a better online investigator. The weekly podcast neatly accomplishes this sweeping task through the presentation of clear information – providing security insights that will benefit both IT professionals and the average web user. Recent posts have examined what happens to your privacy when you die, location tracking with air tags, the terror of personal ransomware exposure and painful lessons in online purchasing.

Malicious Life. Location: USA. Site: Maliciouslife

Maliciouslife cyber security podcast

Working on the premise that if we ignore history, we are doomed to repeat our mistakes, Malicious Life considers the dark history of hacking, cybercrime, and information warfare. Now in its third season and with more than 130 episodes in the archive, the show is hosted by security expert Ran Levi. His careful sifting of the events and outcomes of past cyber-attacks, and the placement of lessons learned into the modern context, gives this unique podcast an eerie ‘told you so’ vibe that is both entertaining and instantly obsessive.

Risky Business. Location: Australia. Site:

risky business - cyber security podcast

One of the oldest cyber security podcasts still in operation, and presented by Australian technology-journalist, Patrick Gray, Risky Business features breaking news, in-depth commentary from a range of security industry luminaries and a regular section called ‘Snake Oilers’ that lets tech start-ups pitch their business as if they were appearing on ‘Dragon’s Den’. Lively and informative, the show balances seriousness and humour with appealing results. Expect topics as varied as BlackMatter in critical supply chains, how ransomware can affect our health, a submarine spy guy’s big mistake and why Google keyword warrants are awesome.

Smashing Security. Location: UK. Site: Smashingsecurity

smashing security - cyber security podcast

Keen to find out what went wrong in the world of tech this week? Then this is the podcast for you. Featuring prolific cybersecurity blogger Graham Cluley and well-known communications consultant Carole Theriault, Smashing Security is one of the few shows in this sector that openly brands itself as entertainment. Focusing on fun and function in the digital security sphere, the show exhibits a no-holds barred approach, sparing no-one, as it seamlessly blends informative cybersecurity news and useful educational snippets into a hilarious take on recent tech SNAFUs.

Sophos Naked Security. Location: USA. Site: Nakedsecurity

naked security cyber security podcast

As you may expect from a manufacturer of anti-virus and malware products, the Sophos hosted Naked Security podcast maintains a laser-like focus on one key subject – cyber threats and what to do about them. Listeners are treated weekly to the latest information on active security threats, educational insights on significant breaches, industry news, and miscellaneous snippets of interest for those who like to keep their eye on the ball in the IT security game. As one of the best podcasts for an introduction into the world of cyber threats and counter-reactions, recent shows have looked at online dating swindles, Apple’s zero-day iPhone issues, and why superglue is not a cybersecurity tool.

Task Force 7. Location: USA. Site: tf7radio

Task Force 7 podcast cyber security

If you want to hear from a broad range of cyber security experts look no further than the Task Force 7 podcast hosted by cyber security professional George Rettas. The Task Force 7 podcast tackles highly technical subject matter in non-technical terms which appeals to cyber security experts as well as novices looking to learn more. Each week you can expect to hear from industry-leading specialists on topics like phishing scams, data security and incident response retainers.

The 443. Location: USA. Site: The443

The 443 - Seaplicity cyber podcast

Operating with the full title of The 443 @ Secplicity and with the goal to make cybersecurity more understandable, this informative podcast is owned by security specialists Watchguard. Under the guidance of host, Marc Laliberte, the show presents insights from industry experts to explain ongoing security dangers. The well-balanced mix of data, facts, and opinion results in a confident analysis of complex and often frightening issues that will bring fresh understanding to the dark meanings of cyber-crime.

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