The Future Of Cyber Security

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We at the Cyber Security Hub have just run the SASE Summit Americas and SASE Summit APAC events where the future of cyber security was chrystallized around identity as the perimeter.

The overwhelming sentiment of the event wasn’t are you, or are you not SASE – the focus of global corporate enterprise cyber security executives and solution providers alike was, “How SASE are you?”

But while there was agreement on the new perimeter, perimeter is not the only component of the future of cyber security. In The Future of Cyber Economics which focused not only on the most recent TF7 episode, but the overt shift in the approach of CISOs on how to secure budget moving forward. Of course there’s much more. John Frazzini joins TF7 Radio to discuss what else is coming for cyber security executives in the near future.

Episode Overview:

President and CEO of SSIC John Frazzini joins co-host Andy Bonillo of Task Force 7 Radio to provide insights into how the cyber industry is leveraging financial analytics to manage cyber risk. Mr. Frazzini also discusses how the analyst community, private sector, and government all have momentum in the cyber risk financial analytics arena that will lead to more adoption. John also touched on the leadership techniques that have enabled him to drive startup success, the importance of being on the team as a leader and inspiring people. 

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