The 'Human Factors Framework' of Healthcare & Life Sciences Cyber Security

A Healthcare Session

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People, process and technology are the three legs of the global corporate enterprise stool- without one, the collective topples. With identity becoming the perimeter, people are the most common ‘endpoint,’ thus easily targeted and attacked. With this evolution, a new framework must be discussed.

The Human Factors Framework (HFF) is not new to the health and sciences and research community. As practitioners and providers, the HFF is used to identify how to better serve patients. Why not discuss how the framework can be used within cyber security? As a CISO, Dennis Leber asked just that and Dr. Calvin Nobles who has a PhD with HFF as his dissertation subject answered. Join them for their session at the Healthcare & Life Sciences Summit:

  • Realizing that this framework is currently being used in healthcare and utilizing the framework to prevent errors in cyber security
  • Looking at the opportunities where the human fell short
  • Understanding ‘why did they click that’
  • Constructing insights from human-based analysis
  • Gaining better understanding of the risk landscape
  • Further understanding enterprise vulnerabilities 
  • Identifying substandard controls or a lack of controls
  • Conceiving of best practice to ensure prevention in those areas moving forward 

Join Dennis, Calvin and the rest of their speaker colleagues at the Healthcare & Life Sciences Summit:

  • Fred Kwong, CISO, Delta Dental 
  • Dan Bowden, CISO, Sentara Healthcare
  • Randall “Fritz” Frietzsche, Enterprise CISO, Denver Health
  • Michael Gregory, Information Security Officer, Community Foundation of NW Indiana Inc.
  • James Bradey, CISO & VP, Information Security, Infrastructure/Ops, Fairview Health Services

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