The Inevitability Of Being Compromised


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As we recently pointed out in Cyber Security Visibility Still Isn’t What It Should Be, especially with the adoption of a cloud-first mindset, the challenge most companies now face is failing to understand their entire attack surface. This challenge has metastasized. Permissions granted before lockdowns may have persisted without appropriate controls in place. The time has come to once again assess where the weak spots reside. 

Episode Overview:

Co-Founder and CEO of Sevco Security J.J. Guy joins co-host Andy Bonillo on Episode #184 to remind everyone that compromise is inevitable and that we need to get back to the basics. J.J. dives into how the lack of IT hygiene is at the core of many of the cyber security problems we face today and the latest trend of CISO’s getting tasked with running IT Operations. He also talks about the genesis of NIST CSF and how it was influenced by the US Air Force phrase “protection, detection and response.” The show ends with J.J. giving his advice to those who are transitioning from the government. 

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