The Secure Access Journey

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A distributed workforce cannot be secured with an on-prem castle-moat philosophy. The industry has come to the general understanding that securing a 2021 organization is done from an identity perspective. 

Industry veteran Sabrina Konecky has spent the bulk of her career in Identity and Access Management. She joins us at SASE Summit February 16 to dive into the Secure Access Journey.

Her session kicks off with a discussion about Privileged Access Management (PAM). She discusses the fact that one of the keys to Identity Management is taking inventory of your organization. Of course, knowing what you are protecting is the only way to protect it.

A next set of keys is a focus on scope of job function as well as changes within the organization. These principles provide protection to assets, but also to employees. Incidentally, those employees need to be trained around their privileged access management. Traditional user awareness isn’t enough for this set.

And when it comes to the broader base of employees and Identity & Access Management (IAM), Sabrina suggests to lead with empathy. The business value that is being delivered to the broad organizational vision must be showcased to get folks on board. But they won’t start paddling until they understand what’s in it for them- ensure a deep understanding of how IAM is going to help not hurt business enablement from an employee to employee perspective.

Finally, Sabrina chimes in on her perspective with Zero Trust which includes a real-word example. Join us for her session at SASE Summit February 16.

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