Unpacking The Past 15 Years of IAM

Identity As The Perimeter Asia Session Spotlight

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While seeing identity as the perimeter might be a newer concept, security through identity certainly is not. For a couple of decades, practitioners have implemented identity-based technologies to better secure the enterprise. 

FWD Group Head- Director of Identity, Andrew Beauchamp has personally been doing just that for the past 15 years. The way he sees it, the identity job function was initially for corporations that could afford to put the time and effort into integrating assets to control access using the protocols of yesterday. 

Eventually, compliance changed the appetite for and focus on identity which led to technologies being introduced at a price that more organizations could afford. Those technologies dovetailed the concept of business enablement, compliance and security in a three for one solution.

That said, if a given organization does not go about sourcing and implementing Identity solutions correctly, costs add up all while the enterprise becomes more vulnerable. Andrew joins Identity As The Perimeter Asia to provide insights from his past 15 years in Identity & Access Management, thoughts from the front lines today and how those thoughts and insights provide a roadmap to tomorrow. His session:

Unpacking The Past 15 Years of IAM

  • Understanding that Identity began as operational for only large organizations
  • Recognizing that compliance changed the appetite for and focus on identity
  • Noting that product innovation met the market
  • Realizing that security propelled the connecting of identity and access as a risk initiative
  • Becoming better, faster, more efficient and frictionless
  • Maintaining identity as the centrifugal force of the enterprise value chain

Join Andrew at Identity As The Perimeter Asia April 27.

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