Veriff Appoints Duncan Steblyna as New VP of Product

Duncan Steblyna has been appointed as the new VP of product at online identity verification company Veriff.

Steblyna brings more than 10 years of experience in product development and strategy to the role, having previously held leadership positions at OLX Markets and global internet group Naspers.

He will now lead Veriff’s product team through its next phase of rapid growth, meeting the rising demand from customers for reliable identity verification solutions.

“The growing concerns around identity theft in our increasingly digital world present a substantial opportunity for Veriff to scale its product offering,” he said. “Veriff is solving a very significant global issue as protecting personal identity is something that matters to everyone. I’m thrilled to join Veriff’s warm, welcoming and extremely motivated team to support its next generation of growth.”

In an interview published on Veriff’s website, Steblyna outlined what he sees as the biggest initial challenges of his new role.

“Veriff is going through a phase of rapid expansion, so a lot of the things that worked at a startup level now need to rapidly scale. This means setting up new guidelines and systems to support that growth to be able to serve many more customers.

“My first few months will involve understanding how things are working within the company and how we can avoid some of the issues that startups face in this phase. Veriff has grown considerably and many of the tools and methods that got us here will not work at scale. Every company solves this kind of problem in slightly different ways and I’m looking forward to exploring how we figure this out with the Veriff team.”

Veriff co-founder and CPO, Janer Gorohhov, added that Steblyna brings extensive expertise of building client-centric product teams during pivotal times where trusted identity is becoming a fundamental part of businesses online.

“We are fortunate to have an experienced leader who has helped organizations scale globally to join our mission. With Duncan on board, his leadership and experience will be an integral part of our operations as we steer Veriff through growth led by the increased global demand.”

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