Ep. 178

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While cyber security executives and teams must have a forward posture and be utilizing innovative methodologies and technologies to outpace adversaries, the basics still need to be accomplished. We recently posted 5 Cyber Security Basics for Every Enterprise.

The piece infers that some sort of automation is now table stakes for vulnerability management. That the basics now include the use of cutting edge technology. TF7 delves further into vulnerability management on Episode 178.

Episode Overview:

The CEO of Kenna Security, Mr. Karim Toubba, appears on Task Force 7 Radio to unpack the state of vulnerability management in the Cyber Security industry. Mr. Toubba breaks down how risk based vulnerability management has transformed how efficient and effective companies are in responding to critical vulnerabilities. He also discusses what “winning” looks like in the VM space, as well as how important it is to operationalize your vulnerability management program to promote standardization and consistency amongst various IT Teams. Toubba wraps up by explaining the importance of data science in making critical business decisions and what those CVSS scores really mean. 

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